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An Ode to Cassandre Marie
This is a poem I wrote and dedicated to my companion of sixteen (16) years, Cassie. She was a wonderfully, silly and entirely too intelligent lil' black cocker-spaniel and she was the apple of my eye. Seldom, could she do anything wrong. The poem may appear to have been formatted as a finished piece but it is really a work in progress, much like this website.
What A Difference A Day Makes
I was in a weird place of mind when I wrote this; I think you'll agree. Basically, it's a grouping of passages intended to capture the various times of the day but consisting of content that is contradictory of itself by nature and reference. (In order for it to make sense, you'll have to read it and figure out the parts where I have said the total opposite of what would normally make sense. >>shrugs<<
The Thief (with extra passage, and a second poem on the subsequent page)
Was written while I was living out of my car just after somebody had taken some things out of the vehicle without my prior permission or knowledge. Never did figure out who the perp was but doing so was no longer necessary after I wrote the poem. I'm not an easy mark - but forgiveness is something we should all strive to embrace more often than we seem inclined to.
Universal Discourse (Sun)
One of my favorite pieces! A very good friend of mine from the office had this read at a family member's funeral. It is intended to be one of a 3-part series (with the Moon's response next in line - don't know when I or Spirit will feel the urge to write that poem but I do hope it happens one day soon).
Three Tense
This page consists of two brief poems I believe have an important message. In the first page, I'm quick to point out that our past history is not something we are encouraged to dismiss lightly. However, it shouldn't prevent us from moving forward in our lives. All things [eventually] do pass. (Remember the phrase, "This too, shall pass"???) Unfortunately, we don't really know the duration of the peace we will feel upon their passing. By the way, I am not trying to suggest we should not try to resolve our problems as they arise; that we should just wait for them to "go away" - just attempting to explain that we need not get so caught up in the drama that we begin to feel "it will never change." All things change, over time.

The second poem, Sight Unseen, makes a reference to our going to sleep at night and how (sometimes) things can take on a totally different view in the morning.
One Lifetime In A Day
This poem appeared in a book published by (dare I say it) yes, I got suckered into their scam [ONCE!] but Im quite pleased with the poem nonetheless. Let me know what you think.
Roadkill Cafe
Some might think this an odd place for my mind to visit but the poem was really written while thinking of a group of people I met on the internet when I bought my first home computer and was hooked into a service called Prodigy. I hooked up with a group who, eventually, moved over to a different service before landing on Delphi.  While in a silly mood and joking around one day, I decided to make a joke of "roadkill" and diners.  Little did I know, at the time, that there really was a diner called The Roadkill Cafe.  (Hey, maybe they'd like to buy my poem - you think?)
A Mother's Love
Written for my own mother for Mother's Day one year.
Titchen Kable
Umm, don't ask. My mind apparently enjoys wandering 'round the outer limits quite a bit.
Wishes Are
I penned this while staying with a couple of friends of mine after leaving my lover of 6.5 years. The relationship I had come out of (earlier that same year) was considered to be emotionally abusive. It was pure hell at the time and I would never want to go back to that kind of an environment. I was still coping with a deep depression and thoughts of suicide. This was probably the first poem in a series of poems that I wrote.

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